A Letter from the Editor

Every month, I travel to another city or country through the benefit of the I*EARN Holocaust/Genocide Project's telecommunications conference. I am amazed with all of the different discussions that are going on and the exchanges of information that are taking place among students all over the world. This year the HGP grew to involve students from Argentina, Australia, Israel, Germany, Romania, Russia, and the United States.

Staff of 1995 'An End to Intolerance'
Staff of An End to Intolerance

My work on this project has affected me so much that I worked my way up to editor of An End To Intolerance, with the desire to continue the HGP's goal of spreading information, promoting respect for human rights, and ending the hate that surrounds intolerance. It is because of this desire to educate others and motivate them to take positive actions in their own lives, that the staff of An End To Intolerance has decided to focus this year's magazine on the topic of "Children of Genocide." In chosing this focus, we have reported on a number of topics about children, in addition to our regular topics of contemporary concern. To continue our connection with the conference, in its third year, we have added a new section to the magazine that focuses on what is new, spotlighting the new HGP Gopher; the Israel-USA student exchange; and many of the other wonders that have been accomplished through telecommunications. We would also like to invite everyone to join us in the HGP conference, iearn.hgp.

I would like to thank all the efforts of the volunteers who have labored to make this project and magazine as successful as it is today. You should be proud of the things you have accomplished.

[ Kevin Johnson's Signature ]
Kevin Johnson, Grade 12

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