Australians Send CARE

By Sonya Adams, Jasmine Schackelton,
Ben McMahon, and Aaron O'Shanessy
Broadford Secondary College, Australia.

Today the teachers, students and parents from Broadford Secondary College, Victoria, Australia, held a cake stall and hamper raffle in the main street of our small town, Broadford. We all donated products for the hamper and baked cakes for the cake stall. Students in textile classes at school produced fancy hair ties which we sold, and others produced badges which said "I helped Rwanda." These proved to be very popular. It was a great team effort and we managed to make about $700 with both the raffle and cake stall. The local community was extremely supportive, and it was great to be out there helping and raising awareness.

With the raffle, cake stall, and the matching donation from the Copen Family Fund, we have nearly raised $2000 for CARE Australia.

One little incident we witnessed involved a little girl who was given a badge after she bought a toffee. She went up to her Mum and asked her what the badge said. Her Mum told her that it said, "I helped Rwanda." The little girl asked her Mum what Rwanda was and her mum told her that it was the place where lots of people needed food because they were starving. The girl then said, "So have I helped Rwanda," and her Mum replied, "Yes, love, you have."

It is very important that we have raised this money for the Rwandans, but also if we can help give young people the feeling that we can make a difference, then we have also achieved something very important. The little five year old gave us an indication that we can do this.

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