An End to Intolerance

[ Cover of 1995 Issue ]

Volume 3 -- June 1995

Cold Spring Harbor High School, New York (United States)
A Project of the International Education and Resource Network


Preface and Credits

 * About the Cover Photograph

 * Staff of the 1995 Issue of An End to Intolerance

 * Contributing Schools

 * Individual Contributors to An End to Intolerance

 * Benefactors, Patrons, and Supporters


 * A Letter from the Editor

 * Eliminating Hate Through Rehabilitation

What's New for 1995

 * The HGP Gopher

 * Israeli Students Visit America

 * Discuss Babi Yar

 * Students Gain Friends and Memories on Study Mission


 * Students Respond to the HGP

 * A Teacher Evaluates the HGP


 * Action Letters

 * German Students Join HGP Discussion

Questions and Answers

 * Israelis Discuss Prejudice

 * Romanians Discusss Prejudice

Survivors Speak

 * An Interview with Boris Chartan

 * Student Questions for a Survivor

Children and Genocide

 * Being the Son of a Survivor

 * A Granddaughter's View

 * "Remember My Story..."

 * Children and the Holocaust

 * Review: ...I Never Saw Another Butterfly...

 * Review: I Dream of Peace

 * Teaching from a Student's Perspective


 * First Educators' Conference at USHMM

 * HGP Presented at Tel-Ed Conference

 * Night Illuminates

 * Telecommunications as a Resource

 * Students See a "Star" in Their Eyes

 * The Nanjing Massacre

 * Remembrance in the Face of Denial

 * Auschwitz: Fifty Years After Liberation

 * Eighth Graders Reflect on Lessons

 * Followup: New Roper Poll Published

 * Sempo Sugihara Remembered

 * Australians Send CARE

 * The Red Cross Makes a Difference

 * Human Rights Abuse in Kosovo

 * United Nations Condemns Antisemitism

 * Student Poetry

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