July 14, 2010

We'd like to invite you to a special One Day in the Life Project event on Wednesday 14 July - when we are once again asking students from all over the world to document their day in words, photographs, videos, and any other media you might choose.

We know that many of you will be on holiday, and we hope to meet many of you who will joining us that week at the annual iEARN conference in Canada, but if you will be working with any students in the next two weeks, please invite them to join us document this special day, our third OneDay event. Students from South America and other Southern Hemisphere countries, together with many schools around the world will still be in session, so this is a great opportunity to exchange work with students who you might not otherwise meet at other times of year.

It will be very simple to participate: Ask your students to document part or all of their day on Wednesday 14 July any way you or they choose. Anytime betwe en midnight 13 July and midnight 14 July is appropriate to document. Ask them to show us what they did that day! If they use cameras, be sure to ask students to write about what they photographed.

We will set up special folders a couple of days beforehand in this forum where you can upload your documents and media after 14 July. (We are hoping we can have everything uploaded by September.) Then, students will enjoy, compare and discuss the results! (How did breakfast differ in Bangladesh and Australia? What were students in Argentina doing when the Chinese students were getting ready for bed?)

== IDEAS ========

Ask students to consider documenting anything they will likely do on 14 July, including, perhaps:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Routines (grooming, chores, family life, etc.)
  • Getting to school
  • The school day
  • Getting home from school
  • After-school activities (social life, family life, work, athletics, clubs, etc.)
  • Celebrations, Festivals, and Holidays (if they happen to fall on 14 July)
  • Religion and Worship
  • Downtown, the Market, and Shopping
  • Evening meals
  • Evening Routines

If they have an unusual day (a school trip, a sick day at home, etc.) encourage them to be prepared to document this as well!

Other notes:

  • You don't need to have participated in the One Day in the Life project in the past.
  • You don't need to register. (Just go ahead and document and post!)
  • You don't need to involve your whole class. Even just one individual student can be a fruitful contribution!
  • You don't need a partner class. (But we're happy to try to help you find one!)

Please don't hesitate to ask questions or request help. We look forward to this upcoming event with great excitement!


Finally, for those of you attending the upcoming iEARN conference, I will be in Barrie on Thursday and Friday, and we'll be giving a OneDay presentation at 11:30 on Friday, which will include some highlights from the past year, some ideas for next year, some tips for new participants, and some special guests. We hope you can join us!

All the best-

Mr. Chris Baer
Art, Design & Technology instructor
Martha's Vineyard Regional High School
Oak Bluffs, MA USA