February 28, 2011

iEARN-USA's facilitated 8-week courses are open to participants from around the world - the next session will run from February 28-April 24, 2011.  Courses generally include participants from 10-12 countries, so it is a great opportunity to meet and work with global colleagues.  We encourage interested educators to register as early as possible before courses fill up - registration will be open up until the February 28 start date.

Each course is designed so that by the end of eight weeks, participating educators will have outlined how to use a standards-based iEARN project in their classrooms.

"[This experience] helped me develop my confidence, enthusiasm for the course and love of my profession as an educator."  - Epefania Ajoc, Phillippines

"I have always wanted to use technology with my students to be able to communicate with other cultures, but never really knew how to.  It always seemed overwhelming.  iEARN gave me the tools to learn how and truly provided for every last detail."  - Tara Zukas, USA

"As I have progressed through this course, I have really developed a better understanding of internet collaborative project design. Although I have participated in a project previously, I did not really have a good understanding of the design process and all the fantastic resources available on the iEARN website. The other major benefit I have gained from this course is the interaction of teachers from many different countries. I can honestly say that I gained insight and appreciation for the creative work of others who are committed to educating our children. Our common focus on helping our youth become competent global citizens energizes me to continue to explore more options for teachers here in my rural region to interact with teachers from around the world."  - Deborah Payne, Illinois, USA

Courses include: Creative Arts; Language Arts/Writing; Social Studies/Contemporary Affairs/Geography; Science, Technology and Math; Teaching of Foreign and Second Languages; and Learning Circles.  

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