June 25, 2010

A video conference session took place between MEARN (iEARN-Morocco) members and group of Algerian teachers.  Discussions focused on how integrating ICTs in English teaching to enhance both students and teachers learning. Mr Nour Eddine LAOUNI, an iEARN teacher shared with the group the importance of iEARN online collaborative projects and how much it's adding a real value to the language teaching and giving concrete examples of online collaborative projects like Laws of life essay project, Child labor project, Learning circles project, etc. Online professional development was also on the schedule. The MEARN board explained how iEARN online courses are managed and implemented via a secured platform and also how students are participating in projects. Dr Petzold Ruth, RELO officer conducted and facilitated discussions during the video-conference. At the end of the session, Algerian teachers expressed their willingness to join iEARN, and are looking forward to building the Algerian Education and Resource Network 'aEARN."  Read more >