April 2 – 4, 2011

Global 2011 YouthCaN Events are being planned for April 3-11, 2011.  The 18th Annual YouthCaN conference will take place on Monday, April 4th at the American Museum of Natural History.  To receive a registration form to present a youth-run workshop at the New York City YouthCaN event, write to youthcan-info @

Time to register to bring your youth to share in the environmental projects created and presented by youth at YouthCaN 2011 on April 4th in NYC!

We have a great lineup of workshops (See Below).  Students from around the world and around your block will be sharing their research, community projects and excitement! Send in your registration form to join us!  We expect over 1,000 students to participate in the day's events.  And it's totally FREE!   This year, students will come from as far away as Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Miami, Colorado.... One workshop will be presented via video-conferencing from the Philippines.  As you can see below, students in the metro-New York City area will be well represented as well.

The workshops are filled on a first come, first served basis so get your applications in early.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our technology, environmental projects and ideas that you and your students have, or how all of this works!

The YouthCaN 2011 NYC Schedule:

Saturday, April 2nd explore the environment of New York!
The YouthCaN teams will lead groups exploring the environment of New York covering hills and rivers, forest and marsh.  If you are available, come join us! Visit the web site for details as they become available.

Monday, April 4th The BIG event!
9:00 – 9:45- REGISTRATION
School groups will register and there will be an opportunity to view exhibits of student and environmental organization projects.

9:45 - 10:15 - OPENING CEREMONY
YouthCaN students will introduce the day, the theme and express their concerns about protecting the environment in the Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life.


11:20 - 12:05 - WORKSHOP SESSION TWO


Each student can register for TWO workshop sessions, and will have one 'open' session. Students may participate in a third workshop during their open session, if space permits. We encourage students to spend time during their open session in the Hall of Ocean Life to view and explore informative displays of student work and environmental organizations.

1:10 - 1:45 - CLOSING CEREMONY
YouthCaN will conclude the formal program of events with a special activity back in the Hall of Ocean Life.

1:45... - The Museum is yours to explore!

There is no scheduled lunch break. Lunchroom space at the Museum is very limited so we are unable to provide formal eating space. You may bring bagged lunches to the Museum, and there is the possibility of eating outside during your open workshop session, weather permitting. But we think you would find your YouthCaN experience more complete if you can eat before 9:45 and/or after 1:45.

We hope that you will join us!!

Session 1

**The Living Nature of Our Urban Biosphere and the impact of climate change    
The Urban  Divers Marine Conservation and Scientific Diving Inc.    New York,     USA
Our presentation will explore the theme of the living nature of our urban biosphere in NYC and the potential impacts of climate change.    
For Ages: 9-17 yrs    

**Organisms of New York State and How Humans Affect Them.    
PS 85    , New York, USA    
Fourth grade students at P.S. 85 in the Bronx researched ten organisms in New York State to understand their physical characteristics, adaptations, care of young, food chains, and human impact on their survival.  They then created iMovies about the organisms detailing what they learned.  Finally they made a plan to take action in an effort to reduce human impact on an organism.  Students will present their iMovies and their findings.    
For Ages: 9-12 yrs    

SPECIALIZED STEM POWER: Video Conference from the Philippines
SEED Quirino High School in the Philippines
Plants are the chief manufacturers of food for almost all living things on earth. Plants could be not only a food source for humans but  also a source of energy as in the production of electricity.
Through this experiment we will test and prove the viability of Solanum tuberosum (potato), a specialized stem, as a source of  electricity by just following a correct set-up of charges based on the principles of basic science.    
For Ages 12-18 yrs

Part 1: “Sol” Sisters Solar Cooking Expo    
Miami Country Day School     Florida, USA    
Some people like problem-based learning…we prefer solution- based learning.  Environmental studies takes on an entirely new angle as students from around the world join together to save and change lives in developing countries.  An overview of solar cooking will be presented as well as highlights from successful programs throughout the world.  A video conference with Senegal will provide live coverage of one of the most successful solar cooking programs in Africa.    
For Ages: 9-20 yrs

Where do parks come from?    
H.S. for Law and Public Service    New York, USA    
Everybody enjoys parks. They make our lives richer and provide space for wildlife. But where do parks come from? How does a space become a park? We will focus on several New York City Parks and how they came into being.     
For Ages: 12 yrs and up   

Voyage - Youth Core in Action! - Video Conference
iEARN Taiwan, TAIWAN (R.O.C.)    
We are going to share the process by which the iEARN Taiwan Youth Core organized the 2011 iEARN Taiwan YouthCaN Winter Camp. The YouthCaN Winter Camp has been one of the main activities of iEARN Taiwan for years because we would like to promote the spirit of YouthCaN in Taiwan. The theme of this year is “Lit a green light, lead a better life.” We designed some courses and activities about environmental issues for students to join, discuss and present their ideas. We also invited the Society of Wilderness, an organization for nature education and conversation in Taiwan, to share their international experience and environmental volunteer work. Want to know more about us? Come and join our workshop!    
For Ages: 13-25 yrs   

Our City:  An Eco-Portrait by Teenage Citizens    
Casey Middle School    Colorado, USA    
Over the last six months we have explored our city through literal and figurative lenses.  Teaming up with local artists, writers, naturalists, and scientists we investigated a wide-range of local environments and documented our findings through photography, drawing, writing, counting, and in-the-field scientific experiments.  We discovered some interesting patterns and a few big surprises. We are sharing our findings with the community  in local exhibitions. Come to our workshop where we'll share and discuss our project, and provide you with your own guide to create an "eco-portrait" of your community.
For Ages: 8-18 yrs    

Session Two:

**A Forever Changing Forest    
New York Botanical Garden, New York, USA
The 50-acre native forest in The New York Botanical Garden is the largest remaining expanse of the woodland that once covered New York City. The teen volunteers (known as Intern Explainers) in the garden already knew that the forest offers a welcome respite from city life from their experiences hiking and doing tree identification. Looking ahead this year to the October grand re-opening of the newly restored trails, the teens decided to delve deeper into their understanding of forest ecology; embarking on several projects with the Forester and some other resident experts. The teen’s experiences were filmed at the beginning of this undertaking, when they began to explore what is under the surface!    
For Ages: all   

**GREEN GIRLS: We’re not Mean, We Go  Green!    
Academy of Mount Saint Ursula, New York,    USA
AMSU has initiated an exciting, eco-friendly program aimed towards making the school more green. This includes having recycling bins in the cafeteria and classrooms to recycle paper and bottles, switching off lights and electronic equipment when not in use, replacing old light fixtures with energy saving ones and generally educating the students in ways to save energy at school and at home.
For Ages: 10-18 yrs    

How to Organize a Recycling Program at Your School    
Grow NYC    New York, USA    
Students from the High School for Environmental Studies will present their school’s recycling program and then lead participants in an exercise to plan for their own school’s program in waste management.    
For Ages: 8-18 yrs    

Part 2: “Sol” Brothers make and take portable solar cookers    
Miami Country Day School,     Florida, USA    
It is easy and inexpensive to make effective solar cookers.  Miami Country Day School students will demonstrate a few of the models they have designed using recycled materials.  Attendees will break into small groups and construct their own solar oven to use at their schools.    
For Ages 9-18 yrs

Biodiesel: Not Just a Hippy’s Gas    
The Newark Museum Science Explorers    New Jersey, USA    
Imagine growing your own gas, or running your car with waste oil from your favorite Chinese take-out! It’s not impossible!! Join us to find out how, learn more about biodiesel as an alternative source of fuel and learn how to make some (and then make soap with the by-products)!!!    
For Ages: 13-15 yrs

YouthCaN Egypt Video Conference    
iEARN Egypt, Egypt
Come share in the exploration of environmental issues that face students in Egypt! Ask them questions about their studies and share some of your experiences.    
For Ages: All    

Environmental Projects in our school
MS 217 (Green Magnet School for Career Expl.)    New York, USA
Topic: Gardening in the Classroom
- Creating Sustainable Hydroponics System in your classroom
- How to create and maintain a vertical garden in your classroom
- Can Mulch reduce garden watering requirements?
- Creating and maintaining a greenhouse in your school
- What is the effect of oil spills on plant life?
Topic: Waste Audit
- Landfill gas power/Vermi-composting in the classroom
Topic: Energy
- How to conduct an energy audit in your school and be rewarded with motion sensor lights for your efforts.
- Harvesting wind energy to power our sustainable water recycling system
For Ages: All   

Session Three:

**Our School’s Effort to Help Protect Earth from Climate Change
Al Izhar Pondok Labu Senior High School, DKI, Jakarta, Indonesia    
The purpose of the presentation is to share what our school has done in order to help protect our earth from climate change. We already did reforestation in Mt. Halimun in Indonesia, planted the coral reef in Pramuka Island in Indonesia. Hopefully this presentation could inspire more the students to save our planet.
For Ages: 12-18 yrs    

Carl & Louis Stokes Central Academy    Ohio, USA    
The future is now! Carl & Louis Stokes Central Academy Green Team is making waves by spreading the news, “our need to conserve water”. We are taking action in Service Learning as we think about those who do not have clean water. Our team will show you how community partners have helped us raise awareness about the water crisis locally and globally. We want to share how water education can help you save water at school and home. We have participated in World Water Day and raised funds for our sister school in Uganda where they don’t have clean water. All of us working together can create a better and safer environment for all.    
For Ages: 11-18 yrs   

YouthCaN NYC Paper Making    
American Museum of Natural History, New York, USA    
Are you tired of your boring old paper? Do you want paper that makes your day exciting? At our workshop you will learn how to make your own colored paper such as red stars or oreo shaped paper. While you make your own paper you might get a little messy but its a really fun project for all ages to enjoy. This workshop is great for the environment because it helps to recycle used paper and make our planet more green. We hope to see you there, ready to transform old paper into new colorful paper!    
For Ages: all

Monarch Magic
Miami Country Day School,    Florida, USA    
Come learn about the Monarch butterfly. Create a colorful representation of the life cycle of a butterfly and learn facts about the travels of this beautiful creature. Become a lepidopterologist!
For Ages: 8-18 yrs   

Swimming In Trash    
Christodora Inc (New Youth Conservationists),    New York, USA
Christodora’s New Youth Conservationists have come together to help the environment and create awareness by removing trash, invasive plants, and planting trees to help restore the Bronx River Watershed. We plan to influence others to not only see the change but to be a part of the solution. Come and experience different types of fun with us by watching How to Make a Better Tomorrow (our homemade video) and plant your own tree to take home!  Every tree counts!
For Ages: 11-18 yrs

Helping Haiti with the Power of the Sun        
Ransom Everglades Middle School, Florida, USA    
We will be having an interactive presentation where students can come and learn about solar cooking and how we use it to help the earthquake victims in Haiti. We will have a “Jeopardy-special edition Solar Cooking” game going on that will teach people about the benefits of solar cooking in Haiti, water pasteurization, how solar cooking works and how to make a solar cooker.
For Ages: 8-18 yrs    

E-mail is the preferred method of registration, to obtain an e-mail version of this form send a blank e-mail to youthcan-info @


In 2010, following two days of pre-conference service activities, groups gathered on April 26th in Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Senegal and the USA for the 2010 annual international YouthCaN Conference.  The 2010 theme, voted on by YouthCaN teams around the world, was "Help Our Mother Earth."  The New York City, USA event took place at the American Museum of Natural History.  Among the workshops were Tres Bosques, Un Mundo  (presented by students and educators from the Dominican Republic and New York and Washington State, USA), videoconferences with the Oman ECO Group and iEARN-Pakistan / YES Program Alumni (see press coverage of their participation), Water Recycling, Solar Cookers, and Wetlands of New York.  In addition, the YouthCaN team in Senegal posted a Solar Cooking video on YouTube sharing their activities for the day.  YouthCaN is a year-round global network within iEARN of students using telecommunications for environmental project work.  All are welcome to join.