July 20, 2011

Register Closed for the 7th Natural Disaster Youth Summit, July 20, 2011, Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Thank you for your interest in NDYS. We are expecting your participation next year.

The Natural Disaster Youth Summit is a year round project in which students learn how to cope with natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, landslides, tsunamis, droughts and so on through the communication and collaboration with global friends. This year, we have a one-day-gathering in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with the support of NDYS Taiwan members.

The annual face-to-face Natural Disaster Youth Summit was first organized in Hyogo in May 2004 and started from September 2004, commemorating 10th anniversary of great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, Japan.  

This year's project will lead up to a face-to-face Natural Disaster Youth Summit in conjunction with the annual 2011 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit, to be held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Activities leading up to the NDYS 2011 are:

1.    “Global Disaster Safety Map” program.  See  and  Students will create a Disaster Safety Map of their school’s surrounding areas.  Students research on their environment near their school and put information in the map such as to where is safe, where is dangerous and where they love and are proud of.  The map will be uploaded to ‘CoSMOS’ (Collaborative Safety Maps on Open System), too.  Each month, participating students and teachers will discuss their disaster safety maps through Video-conferencing and on the iEARN NDYS Forum.

NDYS Ambassadors2.  NDYS Teddy Bear Exchange and Kid’s Safety Bag.  As a subsidiary program, the NDYS Teddy Bears (NDYS Little Ambassadors) will be exchanged between partner schools to strengthen the friendly bond at the NDYS conference.  Each School can make a Kid’s Safety Bag (Emergency bag), too. [see below for a video diary of an exchange between a school in Iran with a school in Taiwan]

3.    Discussion, Exhibition and Oral Presentation.  Theme: Climate Change and Disaster Reduction. As the final event of the project, we will get together in 18th Annual iEARN Conference and 15th Annual Youth Summit in Taiwan, and make exhibition of maps and oral presentations as the NDYS 2011 in Taiwan. Through this program, students will grow as global citizens who take actions and share their knowledge of disaster management to local people.  We expect students to be NDYS Ambassadors to help people understand the importance of preparedness for the next risk, by making schools a center of community education for disaster management.  We welcome teachers and civic volunteers to support students' learning and activities.

4.  Original Activities at your school.  You can introduce original activities at your school related disaster reduction or climate change.

Look forward to seeing you at the Natural Disaster Youth Summit

Video Highlight: NDYS Teddy Bear Exchange between Iran and Taiwan: