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One of the main reasons for the project continuation is necessity to improve the teaching of democracy education, establish a continuous exchange of information and suggestions on different civic issues. The project focuses on student rights and duties, tolerance and freedom, civic responsibilities and engagement. This way secondary school students will be able to enhance democracy knowledge which hopefully will lead to their active participation in the community. For eight weeks the participating classes will be posting their responses to the project questions presented prior to the project start and respond to the messages posted by their international partners.

Age/level of project participants: 15-18

Dates / Timetable for the 2004-2005:
September - June.

Possible project/classroom activities:
group discussions, educational visits, seminars, translation, meetings with other non-governmental organizations, report writing, web page creation

Project contribution to others and the planet: The comparison of civic issues internationally will lead to better understanding of democracy, teach responsibility for actions and encourage student engagement in community work.

Project language(s): English

Curriculum area: social sciences, English and computer science

iEARN forum/newsgroup where it will take place or is taking place:
Democracy Forum


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