iEARN-Spain (iEARN-Pangea)

Workshop from iEARN-Pangea youth team in iEARN International Conference, Ifrane Morocco, July 2009.

iEARN in Spain has been active since 1989 and is based in Callús (Barcelona), Catalunya. iEARN-Pangea has worked to involve schools in the region and has created a telecommunications network called "Pangea" to promote values like solidarity and cooperation and others through the internet. iEARN-Pangea has also played a key role in mobilizing schools to participate in collaborative telematic projects and, at the same time, motivate teachers and education staff to create new telematic projects in order to educate to unit students that take part. The projects are in different areas of the curriculum and values education. iEARN-Pangea and the communities of Callús and Manresa (near Barcelona) hosted the 1997 iEARN International Conference.  Visit iEARN-Pangea's YouTube Channel.

Contact Information

Toni Casserras, Sònia Hurtado, Margarita Guinó, Joan Calvo

Primary Languages Used in iEARN Project Work:

Catalan, Spanish, English